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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2009, Lionsbrood Enterprises, LLC is the proven resource for quality fixture and graphics installation and maintenance for global retail brands including Adidas, Coach, Hermes, North Face, Gucci and many more.

Lionsbrood protects you and your client’s brand. It’s our #1 priority. We partner with our customers to ensure that their distinctive packages are installed precisely and according to the designer’s original plans. Our experienced, innovative technicians have the know-how and focus to work with variables on site for successful outcomes. We insist on high quality end results—leaving both our clients and our client’s clients satisfied.

Specialized systems and processes drive Lionsbrood operations—practices that are no less than the best. We know that you rely on us to be your eyes and ears on the ground so we have developed custom software and document management solutions that keep track of all the little details.  These state-of-the-art digital programs are used to plot the most efficient routes for multi visit projects, upload project documentation to shared drives for your review and track project status real time. You have the advantage of knowing exactly where your project stands at any time. We are able to work more efficiently with this digital support, saving money and conserving time.

We are named after the greatest lineage of military strategists in 3rd Century B.C. Carthage. The patriarch, Hamilcar Barca, called his four sons Hannibal, Hasdrubal, Hanno, and Mago, “the lion’s brood.” The men dedicated their lives to fighting expansion of the Roman Empire into Southern Spain, Sicily and North Africa. The eldest, Hannibal, is immortalized as the military force that led 38,000 infantry, 8,000 cavalry and 38 elephants across the Pyrenees and the Alps, ultimately winning three dramatic victories in the Punic Wars. The family distinguished itself using its ability to determine opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, using sometimes unconventional approaches to reign victorious, winning over allies of Rome in the process.  We incorporate those same ideals in how we approach your projects and how we run our business.


Every project is a partnership between your team and ours.  We have developed our team to support your success both in the field and behind the scenes.

  • State of the art tools and vehicles
  • Professionally dressed, non-logo'ed techs
  • Consistent skill building for all team members
  • Dedicated management team
  • Digital capture of all project documentation
  • Custom Project Management software
  • Dedicated online document storage for each project

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Our Management Team

Conrad Cahoj
  • Conrad Cahoj

    Director of Operations

    Conrad Cahoj leads Lionsbrood Enterprises, LLC. A 25 year veteran of the construction trades, his emphasis is on bringing together the right mix of people, materials, tools and strategies to ensure success for his teams and our clients. Leading the company’s vision and execution, our clients find his ability to maintain cool control of all aspects to be highly reassuring.

    “We are the keepers of our customers’ brands,” says Conrad about the diligence and effort Lionsbrood puts into every installation, repair or full construction project. “Our dedication to the highest quality performance is central to our operations.”

Heather Cailaoife
  • Heather Cailaoife


    As the Managing Member of the partnership, Heather Cailaoife handles the administration of operations, specializing in logistics, scheduling, and communications between the clients and the field.  Her background in business administration over the last 20 years has been instrumental in developing custom systems and processes that support our teams and clients.

    “I really enjoy the challenge of keeping track of all the moving parts—seeing it all come together,” says Heather. “Like a Container Store rollout we did last year.  In the first installation, like any first installation, there was a learning curve. As we progressed across the country we were able to increase efficiencies 35 – 40%.” That’s what makes this business rewarding to Lionsbrood and its clients.

Bob Teays
  • Bob Teays

    Master Carpenter

    Another pillar of the Lionsbrood structure, Bob Teays is our senior team leader.  In construction since 1966, Bob Teays insists on consistency and attention to detail. “Our work has to be done right. There are no shortcuts.”

    Bob Teays first went to work for Terry Cahoj, Conrad’s father, in 1966 in Iowa. “The opportunity was right and together we built a thriving business in retail construction,” he recalls. A professional carpenter, Teays has a work ethic that suits the Lionsbrood method. “From a broom to a saw, I do whatever has to be done to get the job done right and on time,” he adds.

Jeff Feeley
  • Jeff Feeley

    Project Manager

    Jeff works as a senior Project Manager, overseeing operations on some of our larger projects.  He has over 20 years of construction experience and loves making sure our projects come in on time and under budget.

Terry Cahoj
  • Terry Cahoj


    Father of Conrad Cahoj, Terry Cahoj has been involved in commercial construction for over 50 years.  He started out his career with an engineering firm; however, he wanted to have his hands in the works - framing to finishing. He took the leap to commercial construction and tenant finish. His hard work as a General Contractor in Colorado encompassed many large projects for many of the industry’s largest retailers.  At one time in his career, Terry headed up a tenant finish rollout of 11 Joslin’s stores, running between 35 and 55 employees on his crews.

    Terry consults for Lionsbrood and has been instrumental in establishing many of the systems and processes we use to make our projects successful.