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Land Rover

Land Rover dealerships are the epitome of luxury and functionality memorialized in their motto: "ABOVE & BEYOND - A sketch in the sand launched a worldwide legend of capability, strength and service."  They treat their customers like the most important people on the planet and expect to be treated the same by the vendors that work with them.

Taking on the tenant finish on their large dealerships can be a daunting task, but our teams stepped up and took the reins.  From building out and finishing interior offices, building one-off stone fireplaces and accent walls, and anchoring all fixtures in the service bay to installing dozens of graphics packages throughout the facilty, our teams took the time to make sure they were communicating with local ownership and reps and creating custom solutions to make everyone happy.

Daily logs in digital form allowed our PM's to stay on top of issues and concerns and allowed us to get their clients the answers they needed faster, allowing the project to keep moving smoothly from start to finish.  When unique issues such as the loss of landscaping crews mid-project presented themselves, our back end teams pitched in to coordinate and supervise new vendors to stay on track.  Shipments of stone that came damaged beyond use required some local solutions that kept the owner happy and our PM's from having to source that from out of town.

The end result was an outstanding facility that really embraced the texture and emotion that Land Rover wants their customers to come away with.

More construction projects

Services provided for Land Rover:

  • White Box Construction
  • Full Store Renovation
  • Custom Stone Work
  • Electrical
  • Fixture Installation
  • Graphics Installation
  • Repair and Maintenance